Monday, June 17, 2013

Campaign Journal: Red Hand of Doom in Legend

I've always been a fan of Rule of Cool's Legend system. It's not my favorite system by any means, but it's fun, and actiony, and pretty badass for what it does, which is rule-heavy fantasy(sorta) action. I want to do a review of it at some point, but not till 1.0 is out, which should be later today. However, I can still talk about some of my experiences with it.

First things first, this is a campaign journal. And yes, it's a campaign journal of Red Hand of Doom, a module that even I can admit is way to overplayed in the campaign journal scene. BUT, hopefully this will be a little different just because we're adapting the module to Legend from its native home in 3.5 D&D. I also happen to be running this module for a completely ridiculous party that may be taking the whole 'D&D characters are just a bunch of murder hobos' joke just a little to far. I wanted to do Red Hand of Doom because it's a module I've started several times but never finished, and I demand closure.
Without further ado, let's introduce the party:

Eldritch: Played by one of my friends who unfortunately doesn't post to the blog, but is in the band, he goes by Duelist on our Let's Plays. He was also a fellow player with me the first time Extravagant Evil tried to run this for us as a play by post. He is resurrecting his character from that failed first attempt. Eldritch is an antipaladin/deathknight kind of guy, mechanically a Human Paladin with the Judgement/Knight/Necromancer tracks. He focuses on autodamaging guys who come near him, and has some powerful fear debuffs that he can stack with the other players. He wields a fuck-off huge Scythe and has a badass magical shield. Plotwise, he aims to claim 999 souls from defeated enemies in order to turn his weapon into a death scythe save his younger sister from the clutches of the death god, Nerull. He's grim and determined, and his new life as a serial killer has left a dark mark on his psyche that he'll never be able to recover from. At this point, he exists only to save his sister, and doesn't care about anyone or anything else. Also he tanks for the party, for some reason.

Evening Shimmer: Played by ExtravagantEvil, who unfortunately knows how the adventure goes, because he's the one who originally tried to run it for us. Despite that, he's decided to make things horribly hard on me by him and everyone else bucking the railroad as hard as possible, but more on that later. Evening Shimmer is a Unicorn, using those somehow strangely-well designed My Little Pony tracks. I believe his breakdown is a Sage with the Unicorn/Disciple of the Crane/Force of Will/Arcane Secrets. He is the only character to take Full Buy In. He focuses on having a fuck-off long horn, and can battlefield control like no one else. When he can get his charges in, he's also one of the primary damage dealers. In the story, he was bequeathed to Eldritch by Nerull to serve as a mount. Unfortunately, Eldritch doesn't really want a mount, and prefers to work alone. But a duel between the two revealed Evening Shimmer's usefulness, and they now travel together, albeit with no mounting. Evening Shimmer seeks to create a cult to Nerull and get all the soul harvesting done at once, and Eldritch is standing by and letting him do that, although he's unconvinced the plan will work, and prefers to just kill when he has the chance.

Finally, there is Swagalicious: Played by a new addition to our group, and not yet a member of the Hans Bachman Band, he's just a guy I met at school that I recruited not to make this a complete slaughterhouse for the PCs. His character is unfortunately less-developed than the other two, but me and him may take some time to create something truly cool. Swagalicious is a Lich Shaman, with the Lich/Incantation/Shaman Spellcasting tracks. He is the groups healer, and despite having the most hp of the entire party as well as cheap, efficient self-healing from the Lich track, he insists on staying in the back. He also has an afro, and acts positively insane around townspeople. He is also working for Nerull with the group, though for more mysterious purposes. He seems to be assisting in creating the cult with Evening Shimmer, but also intends on converting many disciples to the ranks of the undead, which clashes somewhat with the others soul gathering ways.

Well, I'd like to go on and describe the first session for you guys, but I'm really sick today and have to go lie down. I'll return with new content a bit later, so this should be finished up soon. We try to meet for this weekly, and the third session(second where we weren't creating characters) should be soon.

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