Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheese101 reviews This is the End

I was originally planning on reviewing Man of Steel, but I noticed that Evil already beat that topic to death, so instead I'll review another film I saw recently. This is the End, was advertized as being an end of the world action comedy. While the action is minimal it certainly doesn't limit this movie from being what it is. That is a drop dead hilarious movie about a bunch of wimpy jerky actors trying to survive the Apocalypse.
This movie was apparently based on a short film called Seth and Jay versus the Apocalypse. Thats virtually what this movie is. Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen are the two main character of this movie. However as most of you would undoubtably know by the trailers, they fins themselves stuck with James Franco, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, and Danny McBride. All of them playing themselves. Most of them are not likeable people. As they were designed to be, and that generally leads to quite a bit of hilarity.
The plot was also interesting, certainly for a comedy. Not only was there the whole apocalypse thing going on, but there was constant tension between the chacters especially between Baruchel and Rogen, who are friends that find that they've both changed over the years and are struggling to redefine their friendship. On the apocalypse side of the story, the used the biblical end of days as written in the book of Revalations. Its not done well often but I was pleasantly surprised to figure out it wasn't a movie about zombies or aliens.
On things that are wrong with this movie... there really aren't that many negatives. The beginning had a lot of aquard humor, it was funny just not great. Other than that its a great movie, it may not be remembered for years to come but I'd say it certainly was an enjoyable experience and recommend this movie to anyone as long as you aren't  offended by raunchy humor.

This is the End gets a 10/10

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