Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheese101 Reviews: Oblivion ( the movie)

So today I went to the movies and saw Tom Cruise's latest flick, Oblivion. I had heard several things about the film and i have to say that they only scratch the surface of whats wrong with Oblivion.
For starters, lets say what Oblivion did right. To it's credit the visuals were absolutely spectacular, some of the best I've seen in recent memory. The set up felt nice, it was slowly easying the viewer into the plot. However, they probably should have kept it hidden for a longer time because once I actually figured out what the movie was about I shrank back in my seat due to disappointment. The set-up was wasted, instead it became a series of sci-fi plot twists, extrememly predictable plot twists. The writing was also sloppy, many plot points contradicted themselves. The script seemed like it was trying to be really cool an complex, but instead I think it turned into a romp in which the writers didn't even know what was going on with the plot. The movie could have been so much better, it could have also been a lot worse. What we have here is a nice case of mediocrity, or worse something that could have been special.
In case you didn't know Morgan Freeman was in this movie, that may come as a shock to those of you that have seen it, because he's only on the screen for a few minutes and his apperance is hardly memorable. Note to Filmmakers: If you have an acting god, like Freeman, then use him.
My final point may be a bit controversial. But Tom Cruise is not a good actor, in my opinion. he plays the same character in every movie he's been in, and that character's name is Tom Cruise. I am not saying that he has never been in a good movie or that Cruise's one character hasn't been a perfect fit in a movie. He has been in some AMAZING movies. But I believe to be a great, or even a good, actor; the actor has to be able to become a different person. Unfortunetly Cruise can't do that.

Oblivion gets a 5/10

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  1. I don't know, you'll have to explain the Tom Cruise only playing Tom Cruise thing, as he's been some radically different characters. Compare say, Mission Impossible with Interview with a Vampire, or Rain Man, or any of his particularly bizarre movies, such as Eyes Wide Shut or Vanilla Sky. I can understand any complaints with quality of those movies, but without context for why you think Tom Cruise is always Tom Cruise, I can't say I agree with your assessment.

    What, exactly, is unmistakably Cruise-y that he needs to shake?