Monday, July 1, 2013

Cheese101 reviews: Monsters University

I'll start off saying, I didn't like Brave, the target audience was made up of mother's and daughters, and unfortunetly unlike most other Pixar movies, it ddoesn't have much to offer those that don't fall into it's target audience. Actually allow me to correct that, Pixar movies have always had an extremely inclusive target audience. Everyone could walk away happy from a Pixar film and every movie they released was something special. Thus they became the king of animated movies. However that title started to be doubted after  Cars 2 and Brave. Unfortunately they have officially lost it with Monsters U.
Now, Monsters University is not a bad movie. It's actually pretty good. It has quite a few funny moments and the animation is fun and exciting. The voice acting is no problem, it never really is for Pixar, and the story as a whole is nice and hear warming.
Well that sounds great right? Well it has a few problems, the charcters are cute, but hardly memorable, except of course, the ones we already know from Monsters Inc. The comedy is funny, but there is not a really memorable moment in the movie, or for me a joke that I would call histarical. The movie trys to make a lot of jokes that will make adults laugh and a lot of jokes that would make kids laugh. The good old Pixar never made these two mutually exclusive. Another thing this movie screws up with is sticking to their own story from the original. Most were just for cameo purposes, but still it ruined some things in the original movie.
When Pixar makes a movie we compare it to its past works. That may be very unfair, that's true. So let's be fair, Pixar has made many masterpieces, Monsters University is a good movie, but it's nothing special, thus Pixar is now on the same plane as those other animation companies that make movies that are good but nothing special.

Monsters University gets a 6/10

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